Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Updated October 12th, 2019


Welcome to PromoCode101. The following Terms of Service ("Terms") serve as a legal agreement that is binding between you and PromoCode101 "www.promocode101.com" ("us", "we", "our"), with regard to your use of the services and PromoCode101 website at promocode101.com and additional websites that are owned and are operated by PromoCode101 to the extent that is applicable (the website/services are collectively the "Service". By accessing/using the Service, you are in acceptance of this Agreement as well as any future modifications we may make to the Agreement. You are solely responsible for reviewing the most current version of the Terms by checking them frequently to be informed of any modifications made to it. If you are not agreement with any of these Terms' provisions, you should refrain from using the Service.

PromoCode101 has financial relationships some merchants listed on the website and may be compensated if consumers utilize some links found in the website content for the purpose of generate sales for the said merchant.

1. Copyright & Limited License

The Service and all data, information and other materials and content available on the Service, which includes, without limitation, the PromoCode101 designs and logo, documents, text, graphics, videos, software, and files, including other files, as well as the selection and collective arrangement thereof ("Content"), serve as the proprietary property of PromoCode101. Its licensors and suppliers are protected by U.S. as well as International copyright laws.

If you are in compliance with all the terms and conditions of the above mentioned Terms, you will be granted a limited, revocable, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to have access to the Service and electronically copy (except where it is prohibited without license) and print in hard copy, portions of the Content for your own personal, non-commercial uses only. The Service is only for your personal use and is not further distribution or resale. This license maybe revoked at any time.

2. Service

Online coupons are provided to our users. PromoCode101 holds no responsibility for redemption errors, any omissions, or the expiration of the online coupons. You are solely responsible to ensure that a special price, discount, or free of charge offer is available during the checkout process at the merchant website that is applicable. Promotions and offers that are featured as part of the Service may be subject to change without prior notice. We do not have legal control over the coupons or the ability of merchants to execute sales according to the offers.

3. Registration

You can register for an account in order to access additional features like posting comments, voting on deals, and submitting your coupons to the Service. Upon registration, your agreement includes: (a) providing current, accurate and complete personal information as required for registration forms on the Service in the form of "Registration Data"; (b) maintaining security of logins and other credentials and passwords that are provided to you or you select for use on the Service; and (c) maintaining and promptly updating Registration Data, as well as other relevant information provided by you to PromoCode101, accurately, currently and completely. It is your responsibility to immediately notify us of security breaches including any unauthorized use of your account.

4. Use Restrictions

You will refrain from: (a) the use of this Service for commercial purposes; (b) accessing, copying or monitoring Service information using any spider, scraper, robot, or any other automate means or manual process for any purpose without our written permission; (c) violating any robot header exclusion restrictions on the Service by circumventing, bypassing or employing any other means of preventing or limiting Service access; (d) taking actions that may impose, or impose in disproportionately large or an unreasonable load (at our discretion) on our infrastructure; (e) deep-linking to any part of the Service. This includes a direct link to the coupon, for all purposes without getting express written permission from us; or (f) "mirroring","framing" or in any other way incorporating any portion of the Service in another website without getting prior written authorization from us; or (g) unintentionally or intentionally violating any international, national, state or local regulation or law.

5. Interactive Services

The Service can include interactive services and features, which include: including review or ratings functionality, social networking, forums, functionality message boards and similar services, in which a third parties or you can message Service users, and store, create or post, profile data, coupons, ratings, or reviews, and any other Content found on the Service ("Interactive Services"). You have the sole responsibility for the use of Interactive Services and their use is at your risk. By using any, you agree, by using any of the Interactive Services to not up-load, post, distribute, transmitter in any way, through the Service, disseminate:

Materials that are harassing, inflammatory, threatening, fraudulent, libelous, indecent, unlawful, lewd, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, suggestive, abusive, or invasive of privacy or public rights;
Material that is in violation any regulation, law or any governmental authority's order in any jurisdiction that causes PromoCode101, its subsidiaries or affiliates or violate to make such violations;
Material that may infringe or infringes on any trade secret, trademark, patent, copyright or other proprietary or intellectual right of any parties;
Confidential or private information of any entity or person, including, without limitation, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, email addresses, addresses, credit card numbers, or material that impersonates any person or entity, or in any way falsely represents your affiliation with the Service or any other entity or person;
Material that contains solicitation or advertising which includes without limitation, links services or products of a commercial nature, any unauthorized political campaigning;
Comments referring to anyone under the age or 18 years;
Any user's personal data;
Data that has been corrupted, is harmful or disruptive, including destructive files; viruses, Material that, PromoCode101, deems objectionable, and that inhibits or restricts any entity or person from enjoying or an Interactive Services. PromoCode101 assumes no liability and takes no responsibility for any material uploaded, stored or posted by a third party or you, or for any damage or loss thereto.
Although PromoCode101 is not obliged to edit, monitor or screen any material transmitted through or posted on the Service, PromoCode101 does reserve the right, with absolute discretion, to edit, screen and remove any material stored, transmitted posted through or on the Service.

6. Submissions

You agree that materials, that include but are not limited to comments, suggestions, ideas or any information you provide by e-mail or otherwise to PromoCode101 or otherwise shall become the sole property of PromoCode101 and are non-confidential. PromoCode101 will own all intellectual property rights and exclusive rights, and is entitled to the dissemination of these materials and the unrestricted use commercially or otherwise, without your knowledge or any compensation to you.

7. Policy for Repeat Infringement

In accordance with other applicable law and the Digital Millennium Copyright, PromoCode101 maintains a policy in appropriate circumstances, of terminating their sole discretion, account holders who are repeat infringers. At their sole discretion, PromoCode101 may limit access to any users and/or terminate their accounts if they infringe any on anyone's intellectual property rights.

Personal information or an anonymous identifier might be associated with information that is collected using cookies and similar technologies

Device Identifier and Information. When you install our coupon printing software, our toolbars, or our mobile applications, on your device or computer, or use our Services, we might collect and store device information that will assist us in managing our services and products to detect fraud and prevent it and to offer you a more customized experience.

Web Beacons and Cookies. We may store cookies or other information of a similar nature on your device when you visit a site. Cookies are used for the pur-pose of advertising and purposes described in Section 4. Review your browser's set-tings if you would like to remove cookies that are persistent. Our Services may also use web beacons.

Third-Party Cookies. Non-personally identifiable information, as well as the use pixels, cookies and similar technologies can be used to collect by third party companies on our serves. Third parties include affiliate marketing networks, service providers, advertisers and other companies we have partnered with to provide certain features, promotions or offers through, or on our service.

Third parties may use cookies for the purpose of providing advertisements that are more suited to your interests and may track off-Site transactions to assist us in improving the products and services we offer you. Information may also be directly collected by third parties and combined with information provided by us (as de-scribed in Section 5), or from another source.